With the weather changing into warmer temps and races coming up, one of the most frequently asked questions has been, "How often should I run?" We chased down Hybrid Training guru, Debbie Reed, for some answers...

First things first. How often should a person run?

Reed: There is no single right answer to the question. Considerations to goals, life schedule, and over-all running experience all play part to establishing boundaries. These boundaries are used to determine what's too much, not enough, or just right where your running expectations should be. Generally speaking, a person needs to run at least a couple of times per week to get any progressive benefit from it.

Any advice for beginners?

Reed: Start small. Three maybe four days a week covering minimal distances. Learn how to pace yourself, and build from there. That being said, you'd probably still be better off sticking to the lighter side of the recommendation and consider adding small groups, or Hybrid Training into the mix a couple days per week. 

You mentioned Small Groups and Hybrid. Why?

Cross training such as Hybrid  or Small Group adds a huge benefit to your overall running game. I'll stick to just one reason: injury prevention. Implementing these training programs into your routine will strengthen muscles and tendons, increase joint mobility, and improve balance. The design of these workouts, alone, will combat the damaging effects of doing the same thing over and over (running stride). Your body's gain in efficiency and power will also lead to better run results.

Seems you're holding back on something. Anything else?

Reed: Remember to rest! I know that's hard for a lot of us to do, but that means no running/Hybrid/weights at least one day a week. If you don't allow your body to rest you risk injury, burnout, or even a plateau in your running. Muscle, tendons, and connective tissue require adequate amounts of rest to recover from extensive training.

We have lots of runners at Rhino Hybrid, ask around- find a running buddy. Being held accountable will help you achieve your goals even faster!

If you or someone you know needs help taking their running to the next level don't hesitate to contact me at Debbie@RhinoHybrid.com. It's what I'm here for!

Happy running! 

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