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Robyn Wood

Q. What did you do before Rhino to stay active?  

A. I am a stay at home mom to seven. Before joining Rhino I chased my kids around to stay active!!! It wasn’t until I was introduced to Rhino that my fitness goals got bigger and seemed attainable to me.

Q. Do you see a difference in the lifestyle you currently live vs. before joining Rhino?

A. There is a huge difference from then to now. Before Rhino I wasn’t into fitness that much. Now, I’m at the gym 6 to 7 days a week. This has become a total lifestyle change for me. I fuel my body with the right foods and push myself like I never have before. Everything about Rhino has you challenging yourself starting on Day 1. 

Q. What has been the most rewarding factor for you personally since your journey started?

A. To be honest,  the most rewarding part for me: the friendships that I have made since I came to Rhino. I moved to Wentzville three years ago not knowing anyone and now all my friends are from Rhino! The bonus: I’m in the best shape of my life at 38 and only getting better! 

Q. What does commitment mean to you?

A. To me, it means setting goals and  sticking to them. It means not giving up even if when it gets tough; doing it even when you don’t want to!

Q. Why Rhino from your perspective?

A. Rhino is family! Everyone motivates and supports each other day in and day out, inside and outside of the gym. To be surrounded by inspiration on a consistent basis is rare. It will change your life. It has mine.