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Our Programs

We pride ourselves on delivering you result-driven programs that we design around your busy schedule. We then coach and implement your program here. Most importantly, as your coaches, we hold you accountable to your goals. Nutritional support and guidance is a cornerstone to any fitness program, and is available with every membership. Contact us and set up for a complimentary orientation with our expert. Click HERE to learn more.

Small Group PT

Functional Training is the foundation of our programming here at Rhino. We build strong individuals through our strong community. True Functional Training builds physical strength and helps reduce the risk of injury. In the hierarchy of training, nothing will get you leaner-faster than Functional Training. Our coaches will guide, instruct and inspire you in a fun,  highly motivating environment that works with your busy schedule. High levels of coaching and accountability are present within this program. Our Functional Training program progresses with each workout daily (with built-in progressions, regressions, and modifications), and is designed by our Director of Training and industry veteran Jacob Wadley. Nutritional guidance is available with every membership.

Large group hybrid training 

This training program is for those who are looking for a challenge and want to be taken out of their comfort zone. In a safe fun, team environment our will coaches take you on a high energy journey. Equipped with kettle bells, suspension trainers, spin bikes, sleds, battling ropes and a slew of other fun fitness equipment, you and your teammates will experience the ultimate rush, as a Team. Find your inner child athlete - sweat, laugh and burn to reach your full potential. Our Hybrid Training program changes weekly, and is designed by our expert and industry veteran Debbie Reed. This is a great compliment to your Strength Training. Nutritional guidance is available with every membership. 

Survival Cycle

Personal training immersed into a studio cycling experience. Designed to improve endurance and increase strength. The goal of the class is to push yourself both on and off the bike, so with every ride you get stronger and work harder, for longer.

Title Boxing Experience

A cardio-forward boxing workout. It's just you, a heavy bag, and your own killer instinct, set to an explosive playlist that powers you through a rhythmic yet relentless 50 minutes. This one-of-a-kind class will train you to move, look, and feel like a champion.


MYZONE is an Ultra-Cool monitoring system that tracks/displays in real time (displays in our club monitors and on your phone) the EFFORT of the individual wearing it. We then coach, challenge, motivate, and inspire using this super-fun tool to help you get to your fitness goal.  We  design various week and month long challenges in individual, team, and even club events to game-ify your fitness using this wearable technology. This is just another way for us to hold you accountable both in and outside of the club in a super-fun way. Yes, MYZONE tracks outside of the club too. Check out our MYZONE FAQ HERE. As an official Hybrid member, you are issued a complimentary MYZONE belt.

3d Healthy imaging

Introducing STYKU, a revolutionary technology used for capturing the true shape, body composition, and measurements - minus the measuring tapes.

precision nutrition

Most people know they should eat healthy and exercise, but few feel like they have the knowledge and understanding of how to incorporate these behaviors into their daily lives. you now have a trust source of education, a proven system, and real-life advice to help guide you to your goals.

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Confused by all of the conflicting information from friends, magazines, and trainers? We know how hard it is to stay committed to fitness on your own. Using our years of experience, training education, an in-depth assessment, and your specific goals, we will design a program that will finally help you look, move, and feel great!